Building Appeal

There has been a place of Christian worship at St Petroc’s since the 14th Century, with the last major building work taking place in 1878-80 when a large portion of the church was rebuilt.

Today the church is not as warm or dry as we would wish and as many will know has Grade 2* status but has recently been placed on the English Heritage ‘At Risk Register’ 

We have had a survey completed by our architect and the challenges we face are perhaps summed up with his comment that “The roofs don’t look as though they’ve been renailed since the original construction in 1880.”

The survey has identified the following work that needs to be completed to ensure that the future of the building is secured.

·         Overhaul of all slated roofs.

    • replace missing or cracked slates, refit slipped slates with new clips.
    • renew cracked, split or loose flashings and repoint open joints 

·         Repair / renew rainwater pipes and gutters

    • renew eroded lead valley gutters
    • take down repair/renew, decorate and refix rainwater pipes and gutters. 

·         Repair/repoint water damaged high level stonework:

    • Southwest corner of nave
    • Southwest corner of south aisle
    • West gable south aisle
    • Northeast corner chancel
    • North chancel chimney
    • East gable north aisle
    • Centre north aisle
    • West gable north aisle
    • Tower buttress
    • localised pointing and stone repair to open joints, fractures and damaged stone to tower
    •  Investigate fractures to vice stair walls and whether the crack is still moving. 

·         Repair damaged glazing

    • consolidate eroding window stonework and point opening joints.
    • overhaul, repair and decorate opening window lights
    • renew rusting window guards 
    • relocate Mediaeval Yeo Window  

·         Redecoration

    • Remove salt damaged plasterwork to decorate after water penetration stopped through walls and roof. 

·         Path

    • Rebuild falling ditched walls to northwest path.


We acknowledge that this represents a considerable amount of work, but as we pride ourselves for being at the heart of our community, offering a warm welcome to all, we would like to take the opportunity whilst repair work is underway to enhance the church facilities. We therefore plan to include the following enhancements;

  • Raise the ringing chamber and include a small kitchen and toilet below. 

  • Re-wire the church and improve the lighting 

  • Improve the heating system  

  • Improve the entrance path to provide a safe entrance for all. 

  • Upgrade our audio visual equipment to ensure all can see and hear.


We are still in the process of finalising the costs of this work; our estimate is that it will cost £3-400,000. We recognise that this cannot be funded by the village alone and we will be applying for external grants, but as these will not fund 100% of the costs we still need to raise a substantial sum locally.

How can you help us?

Our church relies on the generosity of individuals like you, and we hope that you will continue to support us and our plans for the future.  You can support us in one or more of the following ways:

       a)    Holding our plans in your prayers as we seek additional financial support from outside the parish.

b)   Your support for our church events and services, as we continue to help build and serve our community.

c)   A one–off donation towards the urgent repairs or our planned improvements. (Please make cheques payable to    Petrockstowe PCC and marked ‘Building Fund’ on the reverse)

d)   A regular monthly donation for a 2 or 3 year period towards the urgent repairs, this could be set up through a  Standing Order. (Please contact our treasurer David French  here for more details or to arrange)

Church  open meeting  - Baxter Hall 16th February 2018

All residents of the Parish were invited to an open meeting which was held on 16th February 2018.

A report of that meeting can be read HERE.

Those present asked that some of the photographs of the areas of the church that need repair be put on the website.

They are also be available on a noticeboard in the Baxter Hall.

Broken roof slates  Broken Guttering  Broken Guttering   Rusted gutter support

 Cracked guttering   Missing gutter support  Chimney pot open joints and fractures

Cracked stones   Cracked stones    Open joints on the gable wall

Crack in Tower wall    Tower wall hole    Hole in Tower wall    Rusting Window supports

Damp green interior wall   Damp green interior wall   Uneven slippery path   

Uneven slippery path and puddle