Meet the staff

Martin Warren Team VicarRevd. Preb. Martin Warren is the Team Rector and can be contacted by email here  or at

The Vicarage, Shebbear, Beaworthy, EX21 5RU

Tel: 01409 281424.

"I have been part of the churches and communities here for the past 20 years. it is a privilege to work in such an area close to the earth and the people as part of God's folk in these places."



Susannah MetzRevd. Dr Susannah Metz is the Team Vicar and also Rural Dean of Torrington and can be

contacted by email here or at The Rectory, Petrockstowe, EX20 3HQ  Tel: 01837 810621.

"I came here 8 years ago from The School of Theology, Sewanee, TN (USA) where I taught Contextual Education, including courses on rural ministry, to ordinands. I’ve always loved rural areas and sustainable agriculture, so I also work as a relief milker. I love my “big girls”. I live in the village with my very naughty dog, Lily."

Julie CartwrightRevd. Julie Cartwright. Tel: 01409 281554.

Julie is also Chaplain at Barnstaple Hospital and happy to visit family or friends if you or they are a patient at any time. Hospital number is 01271 322362.

If you, or someone you know would appreciate a visit from one of the Torridge Team pastoral care visitors please contact Julie, the coordinator, on the following email

or ring her on 01409 281554.

                                            Pastoral Team Email: 

       Church Wardens

Ann Luxton -  Church WardenAnn Luxton is our senior Churchwarden. She can be contacted by email here.

"A Devonshire maid I came to Petrockstowe over 30 years ago when I married local farmer William. I have been involved in farming all my life. When my husband died I retired to live in the village. St. Petroc’s has always meant a great deal to me not only as place of worship but a place to sit and have some quiet time.

                                            I have been churchwarden for over 8 years, have great support from the PCC and enjoy helping to                                             organise  events that bring the community together and support the church financially."

David French David French became Church Warden in April 2019 but had been and still is our Treasurer.                 He can be contacted here.

Originally born in Devon but moved with my parents to London when I was a child. After a career in Finance, mainly involved in fraud prevention within a number of high street banks and finance houses I retired and moved to Devon with my wife nearly 4 years ago.

I tend to get involved with the financial aspects of church life, having been treasurer at two previous churches and involved in finance and fundraising at several others due to my background. However I think that finance is secondary to Community and Mission which I feel are the important parts of                                              church that I am keen to promote.


 Jon BerryJon Berry

"We moved to Stibb Cross nearly 20 years ago leaving behind a career in IT to move into teaching. Although a non-conformist by nature and background, I trained as a Reader about 10 years ago. Whilst based in Shebbear, I help out across the team. I’m always seeking new (actually sometimes they’re ancient) ways of understanding our faith and fresh ways of expressing our worship."




Sheil Deane Sheila Deane 

"I have lived in the area for over 50 years now and rural North Devon is a very special place for me. Over the years I have been involved with the Churches in the team in various ways, mostly with Guides and Youth Fellowships. I trained as a Reader in the late 1990's and enjoy being involved with services in all the Churches in the Team. In recent years I have been living in Shebbear with my terrier dog,' Boris'."