Petrockstowe Coronavirus Community Support

This information may be useful for you or somebody else in the village as we face a second period of ‘lock-down’ or self isolation as Coronavirus - COVID-19 continues to spread again within our country.

To help our community support each other we have set up a system where we can bring together those who need help and those who are prepared to help. This could be :

                                 Picking up shopping                         A Friendly one off or regular phone call

                                 Posting mail                                       Urgent supplies

 We appreciate that many of you will already have a support mechanism, provided by a neighbour, friend or family in place which we highly commend. This system is intended for those that do not have this level of support locally or those where their existing support network fails for whatever reason.

 To request assistance please contact: 

  by email: or by clicking HERE

  by telephone:

                    Ann Luxton  - 01837 810728

                         David French  - 07502 115303                                      

                         Ann Fox - 01837 810501

                         Malcolm Busby  - 01837 810902   

These should not be used as an emergency service please continue to dial 111 or 999 as appropriate.

We will need village help to make this work so that we can match any requests against a list of volunteers. If you would like to volunteer to assist in any way—big or small, please let us know by contacting us on the email above or by clicking HERE or on the telephone numbers above.

This scheme is administered by St Petroc’s Church members in conjunction with :

        Petrockstowe Parish Council                         St Petroc's Church                     Petrockstowe Methodist Chapel.


Xanadu are making home deliveries of fruit & veg, spices, dried fruit, flour, milk, eggs etc, in fact anything they sell in the shop. Orders have to be phoned in on Saturday by 12 noon the latest! for Monday delivery.  The number to phone is 01805 622709.