Giving and Finance

Every day when we read our papers we seem to hear something about money. It’s really quite hard to escape the subject. As a church we don't tend to talk very much about money. It can be off-putting for visitors, and we never want people to feel under pressure.

However, giving is an important part of discipleship, and we do believe in being a generous church, giving cheerfully to the needs around us. Simply put, giving is part of our community life together.

What does the money get used for?

Your gifts support our church building, Ministry Team and every activity that happens every day across our community.

The Mission and ministry of our church which is represented; by every person who is visited, every school assembly taken, every bereaved family comforted, every baptism celebrated, every sermon preached, every Communion celebrated, and every person shown the love of Christ through our care, comfort and compassion.

Your gifts also help support mission both here in this local area, and overseas for people we will never meet but to whom we are able to give practical support through our ministry of prayer and giving.

How you can give to our church

We offer several ways for you to donate to our church and contribute to the life of the Church here in Petrockstowe.

You can donate on line to our Give a Little campaign by clicking the link below:

Sunday Offering - The traditional Collection Plate where we invite your gifts (cash or cheque) to be given during each service. Gift Aid envelopes are also available. If you are a UK tax payer and you do want to give, please put your donation in an envelope and fill in your name and address so that we can claim Gift Aid. It adds an extra 25% to the value of your gift. Thank you! 

Some of our congregation make donations directly to our bank account on  a regular basis we have provided ‘gifting cards’ at the back of church to symbolise their offering which can be placed in the collection.

Cheques should be made payable to “Petrockstowe PCC”

Thank you for your support.

Regular Giving

This allows  us to predict our income and helps us to know what we have available to spend and so budget more effectively. The best way for us is if you set up a by standing order. You instruct your bank to pay your monthly donation directly to our bank account on a regular basis. This means that it goes from your bank account directly into the Church account at a time in the month that suits you. 

Legacy and Wills

The Church has been remembered by many generous benefactors in the past. Why not consider leaving the Church something in your Will today, and set up a legacy? Further information can be found on the Church Legacy web site


To find out more or to begin giving to the church regularly please contact our Treasurer, David French, by email here for more information.