Sunday services 

During this current lockdown we are allowed to use our church buildings. They are available for individual prayer. Most are open. But if the building is locked, do ask for a key, as you want to use the place. 

We can hold public services, however, for most of our churches, we have felt that it is not appropriate to hold services as this time. The encouragement is to ‘stay at home’, and we do have the weekly provision of both the Online Service and the Phone Service. 

Sunday Online  - go to our Church On Line page to join in with this service.

Church by phone - Sundays at 4pm.     

You will need a telephone number and access code. Please be in touch with Revd Martin Warren in advance to obtain this. His Telephone number is: 01409 281424.

Welcome to St Petroc's Church in Petrockstowe, Devon. Whether you are already part of a church, looking for a church or live in the community and want to find out more about us, this site is for you. 

Historic and beautiful St Petroc's church sits above the village, at the heart of North Devon's rural agricultural area, its  doors always open to invite visitors and villagers alike to enjoy its peace and quiet or to join in engaging and varied services. As a rural church we  work to protect the environment as we share the beauty of our surroundings. 

We really enjoy sharing our parish life with everybody whatever your age, background, beliefs, personality or lifestyle.

The church is part of the Torridge Team ministry, comprising the churches at Buckland Filleigh, Huish, Langtree, Merton, Newton St Petrock, Peters Marland, Petrockstowe, Shebbear, & Sheepwash. 

On this site you will find information about all our activities, some of our upcoming events and a flavour of the people who meet together at St Petroc's. Use the menu provided  above to find everything you need.  If you can't find what you're looking for then please contact Dee at the office here

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