All services in the Church have been cancelled due to the Coronavirus outbreak. However we have set up "Church on line" services which can be viewed HERE

During our Sunday services we meet to get to know God better, to praise Him together, and to therefore understand more about life and what our purpose is. This is our longing at all of our services, and we are able to do this in different style services.

First Sunday of the month

Holy Communion at 11.00am using Common Worship with hymns.

Second Sunday of the month

Evening prayer at 6.30pm. 

Third Sunday of the month

United family service at 11.00 am together with the Methodists either at the Chapel or at St Petroc’s in turn.

When this service is at St Petroc's it is a more informal service focused on creatively engaging children and families

with music and activities. Although its a child friendly service, adults enjoy it too.

Fourth Sunday of the month

Holy Communion at 6.30pm using Common Worship with hymns.

Fifth Sunday of the month

Joint Service at one of the Torridge Team churches  in rotation.