War Memorial Information

The Petrockstowe War Memorial

The war memorial is rather unusual in that it records the names of those who served as well as those who gave their lives, it was constructed in 1921 of granite

Three photographs are available of this war memorial, which commemorates both world wars. The interesting inscriptions can be read easily.

 Petrockstowe War Memorial Inscriptions


Front of War Memorial


Left Side

Left side of Memorial


Right Side

Right side of Memorial


Transcript of the War Memorial Inscriptions


In ever grateful memory of the parishioners who died for us the Great War 1914-1918

P.O. S. Whitlock R.N.
Tpr. J. Dymond R.N.D.H
Cpl. W.J. Parish -
Pte. F. Sutton  - Devons
Pte. G. Vanstone -
Pte. J. Heggadon D.C.L.I.
Rflmn. S. Lucas K.R.R.C.
Pte. R. Luxton  - Canadians
Pte. W. Mills  - Worcestors
Spr. C. Tucker R.E.


Left side

These served

Lt. W.W.R. Crosse
S.M. A. Dawe
Sgt. J.B. Langdon
Sgt. J.B. Parsons
Sgt. W. Ward
Sgt. W. Whitlock
Cpl. E.W. Langdon
Ab. W. Mitchell
Stoker G. Willis
Pte. W. Ayre
Pte. W.T. Bridgeman
Pte. A.W. Buse
Pte. W. Cox M.M.
Pte. H.J. Denford
Pte. T.H. Down
Pte. J. Ebsary
Pte. C. Edwards
Pte. G. Edwards
Pte. J.R. Haine
Pte. F. Hockin
Pte. L. Hooper
Pte. A. Hutchings
Pte. F. Hutchings
Pte. J. Hutchings
Pte. P.D. Kingscott
Pte. W.R. Leonard
Pte. H. Reynolds
Pte. J. Slade
Pte. W. Smale R.N.D.H.
Pte. W. Smale R.M.L.I.

Pte. C.W. Steer
Pte. W.P Stevens
Pte. J. Whitlock
Pte. T. Willis
Pte. C. Vanstone SEN
Miss M Kingscott W.A.A.C.
Miss F. Slade W.A.A.C.
Right side

Those suffered hurt

R.S.M. J. Brooks (Mentioned)
Sgt. A Lucas (Mentioned)
Cpl. M. Cleverdon
Cpl. R.H. Ridge
Pte. J. Ford
Pte. F.J. Hammett
Pte. W. Hammett
Pte. W.G. Hatherley
Pte. J. Hockin
Pte. C. Hutchings
Pte. E. Lucas
Pte. W. Luxton
Pte. A. Petherick
Pte. J. Venton

World War 1939-1945

Stoker B. Vickery R.F.R.B.
Cpl. H.G. Bridgeman R.E.