Wildflower Meadow

In 2013 the PCC agreed to allocate a part of the unused churchyard for conversion into a wild flower meadow. Initially the area of the meadow is quite small, but this has been expanded as the village sees the range of wildflowers and insects that are using the site. To begin with the designated area was simply left uncut for one season to establish what plants were there, and twenty species were identified in the first year, subsequently some Yellow Rattle seed was collected from another wildflower meadow in the village and sown into the church meadow, this has now begun to establish itself and should reduce the most vigorous grasses allowing other wildflowers to flourish. A range of butterflies have been identified on or over the meadow, and more regular surveys are planned.

In 2015 Devon Wildlife Trust presented the church with a wooden plaque designating the wildflower meadow, and this can now be seen to the right hand side of the steps leading to the graveyard opposite the church door.

These two photos show the Meadow in June 2018.

Wildflower meadow June 2018       Wildflower Meadow June 2018

We hope that if you visit the churchyard in the spring or summer you might enjoy walking through it on the mown path. 

Once the wildflowers have set seed, the meadow is mown again.